TR-069 and USP Files and Tools

Broadband Forum data models for connected home and enterprise devices

The Broadband Forum defines several data models that describe the service elements (objects, parameters, commands, and events) of broadband CPE, consumer electronics, "smart" devices/IoT, and both home and business network equipment, including Wi-Fi deployments. These data models are made to be used with both the 

Each data model is defined by a Name:Version syntax, and are divided into two types: Root and Service. The root data model, Device:2, is used to describe the major functions of a network aware device, including interfaces, software/firmware, diagnostics, components common to USP/CWMP, and the basic information necessary to the function of these protocols. The Device:2 data model is published as Broadband Forum Technical Report 181, or TR-181, Issue 2, and is often referenced this way.

Service data models describe modular functionality that allow the extension of the root data model on a device (under Device.Services.) to provide particular services, such as a voice service, set top box service, network attached storage, IoT objects, etc.

How to use the data models

The data models used for development are published as an xml file that describes the elements (for example, tr-181-2-12-0-cwmp-full.xml, or tr-181-2-12-0-usp-full.xml), and an html report of the file. Both "full" and "diffs" versions are provided.

  • Use the html files for a human-readable look at the data model documentation.
  • Use the xml files in this repository when generating code and performing data validation.

Data model repositories

These are available on the BBF's GitHub sites:

Tools and Resources

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