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Cloud Central Office (CloudCO) is a recasting of the Central Office hosting infrastructure that utilizes SDN, NFV and Cloud technologies to support network functions and is aligned with the Forum's Open Broadband vision. In doing so, it radically redefines the architectures of the access and aggregation networks that have developed incrementally in previous Broadband Forum specifications such as TR-101 and TR-178.

The CloudCO’s functionality can be accessed through a northbound API, allowing Operators, or 3rd parties, to consume its functionality, while hiding how the functionality is achieved from the API consumer.  In order to achieve this, SDN & NFV are leveraged, running on a cloud-like infrastructure deployed at Central Offices.


Yves Hertoghs discusses pushing NFV into the market and in our Open  Broadband Labs initiative.
Yves Hertoghs (vmWare), BBF Project Stream Leader for CloudCO initiative, talks about the latest BBF activities in pushing NFV into the market and  in our Open  Broadband Labs initiative.

Chris Croot (BT), talks about the latest BBF activities in CloudCO and Fixed Access Networks Sharing (FANS).
Chris Croot (BT), BBF Co-Director for SDN/NFV Work Area, talks about the latest BBF activities in CloudCO and Fixed Access Networks Sharing (FANS).

CloudCO Reference Architectural Framework TR-384

This specification defines the reference architectural framework of the CloudCO. Functional Modules are defined, but not the details of their internal operation. This framework starts from basic Northbound API capabilities so that function composition, initialization, and management of the CloudCO resources can be supported and created as a byproduct of end-to-end service composition.

TR-384 published Jan 2018
This specification is the first phase in a multiphase project. Additional work is underway to include migration, detailed interface definitions, test cases & application notes, use cases & scenarios and reference implementations. Progress on these projects can be seen on the BBF members sites:

CloudCO Use Cases and Scenarios TR-416

This specification defines 14 CloudCO Use Cases. Some of the use cases are enabling legacy scenarios, some new CloudCO-only use cases are also described. The intention of the uses case are to test the validity of the architecture, and will allow consideration of the information that needs to be exchanged across the interfaces between the functional blocks of the architecture.

TR-416 published April 2016
Each each of the following use cases covers the archtiectural diagrams and actors involved:
  • Residential Broadband Access using PPPoE
  • Residential Broadband Access using IPoE/EAP
  • Fixed Mobile Convergence - Interworking
  • IPv4 Address optimization with CGNAT
  • Parental Control
  • Lawful Intercept
  • Network Enhanced Residential Gateway (NERG)
  • Hybrid Access
  • Virtual Business Gateway
  • Residential Broadband Access, User watches IPTV
  • Business Broadband Access, L2VPN activation
  • Fixed Access Network Sharing (FANS)
  • Public Wi-Fi Access
  • Home network virtualization scenario

CloudCO Projects

  • Functional module Interface definitions (WT-411)
  • Co-existence with/migration from legacy systems (WT-408)
  • Test cases for CloudCO systems in Open Broadband Labs (WT-412)
  • Application notes for CloudCO (seven)
  • Migration to SDN-enabled management and control (WT-413)
  • Software reference implementation of the framework
  • Hardware reference implementation of the framework

Application Notes

  • CloudCO-APPN-001: Establish High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) Service
  • CloudCO-APPN-002: Network Enhanced Residential Gateway (NERG) Service Initialization with Flat Logical Subscriber Link (LSL) Connectivity
  • CloudCO-APPN-003: Network Enhanced Residential Gateway (NERG) Service Initialization with Overlay Logical Subscriber Link (LSL) Connectivity
  • CloudCO-APPN-004: Activation and Initial Provisioning - Access Devices
  • CloudCO-APPN-006: Virtual Access Node (vAN)-based FANS Service
  • CloudCO-APPN-007: SDN-based FANS Service

White Paper (MR-430)

Published: September 2018

CloudCO Webinar

The recording and presentation of our 2018 CloudCO webinar is available to members on the:

CloudCO in the Broadband Ecosystem


Architectural Framework (TR-384)

High Level View

Uses ETSI/ISG NFV and new functions and interfaces:

  • End-to-end Service Orchestrator
  • CloudCO Domain Orchestrator
  • ETSI NFV MANO Subsystem
  • SDN Subsystem (including Access Abstraction)